Sunday, July 19, 2009

Apparently I'm a newbie

yazid, seventeen.
got loads of extra time to waste it all on non-profitable activities.
lives in a concentration camp...well not really a concentration camp but a place where pileups of smart, attractive, and some say charming individuals live free and die hard:)
I need a medium to express my err thoughts or share experiances thoroughly without having restrictions such as, inconsiderate friends, overactive yet dedicated wardens and a stomach full with caffiene due to exessive drinking of coffee(stay-up malam bro!spm haha)
and I'm influenced by sawet-my classmate who writes blogs as an obligation to the country.He believes that his thoughtfull writing brings loads of peace and harmony to our beloved country..and dia tak percaya "blogs are a threat to our national security" heheh
ye sawet engkau rock.

nuff said...

and one more thinggy..
I may be new but, i'll never call myself "the new kid on the block"

They were way cooler during the 90's..believe me
my mum went thru it all:)


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