Saturday, September 26, 2009

code monkeys like you

I'm not all muscles y'know...I'm half a-brain too

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  • The punch in the air wasn't necessary but still, I dutifully did it at the end of the game just to show my immense appreciation towards the team and, Ryan Giggs = IMPACT.

  • Chelsea went down to wigan? Encouraged another fistfull punch in the air.

  • Torres and his hatrick? Pfft.

  • Cult tv shows currently in the fav list.Codemonkeys and Freaks and Geeks.Extremely entertaining and most importantly, available on the net:D

  • Who said I've finished my homeworks?

  • Downloading movies is a bliss.Enjoyed it very much that I downloaded five flicks in the past three days.Talk about an addiction!

  • Southpark is highly amusing. the grandest website ever made and there are rumours saying it's a malaysian site "_" Ecky thump !

  • As always, I fell shitty when the holidays is coming to an end.The school is full of geniuses. Sheer brainsville

  • Saved enuff money for the class trip to genting after the exams.Friggin A!

  • World Cup Heaven and Hell.An interesting documentary filled with laughs and non-stop education.Check it out on youtube.

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.shin. said...

hull city do look like an idiot....


south park the best....