Saturday, September 19, 2009

saturday night football

Salah satu benda yg aku mayb miss when I'm outta school is probably watching football in the tv room.
Some might say tgk bola kat rumah lagi best but it does not work that way for me.
Probably its because kat rumah, manners kena jaga sikit tapi kat skola...
we tore the tv room down like it was made out of paper!!

the free for all cursing,
the screams of agitation,
the male to male banter

ah it was all classic!

there are a few usual faces kat tv room tu bila ada bola
nippon, aniq, capang, alien, pa'an, shin(dia tak pernah sappot team aku suka), ikhwan jambu, pedot, adam,sheikh,syuk, hilmi, eddy,harith, bond,zarip(haa rooney!), aku and err banyak lagi kot.
sorry sbb tak brapa ingat.

saturday night is the time when we all watch football hapilly sbb besok warden tak kesah sgt.
some of us stay put dari the first game of the night(8.30 or sumthing like tat)
untill the last game!
yg tengah buat homework pn blh stop kejap to watch games.

the atmosphere during the matches were always loud.
imagine ah, sampai block akedemik boleh dgr pekikan pekikan yg related to bola.

aku still ingat a few games yg caused loads of noise.

man u versus chelsea champions league finals.
the whole school watched this game and i can't frget the noise we made when united won
man u versus arsenal
ni lagi satu game classic.the arsenal fans shouted like ell when arhsavin scored but i shouted louder when we won.
still tableh lupa when everyone gets closer to the tv sbb nak tengok van persie offside ke tidak and sambil tu, finger arsene wenger frm close range!
man u versus arsenal yg clinch uniteds title last year
this was a game yg semua org tengok.
can't forget the countdown for the game to end!

there will be loads more games to come.i'm sure gonna miss the frequent "malam ni game pukul brape" questions bila dah habis sekola.

but for now, let me enjoy the moments of happiness with my fellow man u fans.

-yzd yg berpendapat bhw adebayor pondan


afiq said...

btol2...environment best gle tgk bola kat skola..kalah kedai mamak

.shin. said...

bkn x skg ko....

aku mmg anti-mu sejak azali....