Thursday, September 24, 2009

ruin by the selling out

things currently circulating in the abysmal ignorant mind of mister mohammad yazid bin bapaknya.

-Stone roses is a great band, I wanna be adored is a great song and the madchester movement is pure class....oasis? they're just a shitload of wankers.(just because of the fact that they support city)
-It is impossible to finish up masses of homework when I intend to do it while watching southpark.
-My sister is quite fond of Jonny evans.He's a retard if you ask me.Ritchie de he's a class defender
-United against stoke....5-0 to united anybody?
-Cheers to the wonders of currency exchange!
singapore dollars to raya's a friggin A!
-SPMSPM go away...come again another day(come to think abt it..please don't ever come)
-Preparing for a weight battle with zaki when school reopens.He's a fat ass fit wanker he is(no gay tendencies intended)
-Why listen to Pearl jam when we got Butterfingers! Not supporting the local scene...just butterfingers

way better than pearl jam..


Anonymous said...

butterfingers memang terbaek weyh.....

ehsanhamid said...

support our local act

-yzd- said...

aku ckp NOT supporting the local act san...
just butterfingers

cik farah said...

emmet dah x ensem lagik
wuu ~ Wuu~ sedey