Thursday, December 17, 2009

Celebrate like patriots son!

Evntho I watched the game lwn vietnam, aku ttp menunaikan solat fardhu maghrib:)

A blindin congrats to the national team for ending a disasterous drought and giving malaysians a friggin sense of achievement!
Frankly speaking, the team looked more like a bronze medallist rather than a golden one during the first half.Maybe 'pep' talks are rajagobal's thing and thank god it spurred "Aidil and co" towards victory yeah!

Hopefully this glorious victory will not be a one-off occasion.
Let there be more wins and maybe who knows, an asia cup victory or better, a world cup place.

Don't bask in adulations for too long, national heroes. More work needed to be done if we want to see the national flag raised more frequently.Victory may be sweet but, a disasterous end awaits if everybody becomes laid back.
But for now, we can all pat ourselves on the back for playing our own part in this victory. The fans, coaches, players and (i hate to say this but..)FAM deserve some credit so, well done folks!

Oh by the way, I'm currently listening avidly to courtney love's band, HOLE.Grrrl riot never sounded better:D
Last week it was JOY DIVISION and THE SMITHS.

-the people are burning fireworks and singin "inilah barisan kita"..classic!

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aku setuju doe(=