Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dont judge me by looking at alphabets on a paper

Keputusan di atas slip peperiksaan PMR tak menggambarkan apa akan jadi pada masa hadapan.
To the ones yg dpt great results I salute and congratulate you. I've been there, done that and I will certainly assure you that once you've stepped into the gates of your school next year, the straight A's you achieved will be quite useless. SPM's a whole different league.Trust me, I've been through all that. I was treated like a hero when I aced my PMR.Ye la, dah 9 orng je yg dapat straights kat menjalara tu. But nevertheless, I was warned earlier by parents and teachers that pmr's nothing compared to spm. So I guess it levelled me down. But I won't lie...
Damn,I felt good.

So kepada 8/9 A's achievers, teruskan usaha untuk mengapai lebih kecermerlangan hakiki.

Kepada yang dapat result yang kurang memberangsangkan, jgn risau.Perjalanan makin panjang.

and here's sumthing to lighten up the mood

damn it feels good to be a gangsta by the getto boys.
takde kaitan dengan pmr, thats for sure


syamsulfitri said...

aku stuju gle babi
kat saser cam taik je
sume dak pandai cam cipan

Sipot said...

cam babi btol lah sial post kau.hahaha :P