Wednesday, December 9, 2009

caffeine addicts on the roll!

I was never good at saying goodbyes.Ok I lied. I'm very good at saying goodbyes, but bidding farewell towards the place where I spend almost two years of my meaningless life with mates and mythology was a very hard thing to do.

Kalau orang ckp life after spm 'fly' gila babi, I'm certainly not feeling it.The moment I left school, I felt that I lost loads of things. As I walked on the streets of seremban as a student for the last time I realised that after this, life won't be the same

Those two years changed me a lot and frankly speaking, I cant effing remember how I lived my life before

Everything that I did at school, I didn't do it alone.

I eat, study, eat , crashed in class, and eat with mates.We were pretty closed knit and I guess, that's why I'm not enjoying the fact that now, after school, after all those years, I am now practicly, alone

No more sick male banters, no more

p/s- pa'an lemak kau pa khabar?


..wanted.. said...

relax dudes and dudads
not the end of the world
its just the end of school
we're always here for ya
(okay,,we lie to,,Yazid)

shinchan BEBEL said...

HAHAHA.touching sekejap :')

-yzd- said...

hahah seremban science mates are the best kan hamzah kan kan

adam said...

cool la weh
every ending has new beginning