Tuesday, October 19, 2010

we'll hate him so much because we loved him

Gua rasa lega gila sebab gua tak beli jersi United yang ada print ROONEY 10 kat belakang. Gua dah tergerak nak beli dah tapi nasib baik gua kedekut. Apo ghoman kalau gua pakai baju Rooney kalau dia main untuk City January nanti. Kan dah jadi lawak dah tu?

If there's something for us the fans to learn from this 'Wayne-Rooney-wants-out' issue, it's probably the fact that we as fans, should never be too emotional towards a player. They play for your club yes, but you can never love them too much. They'll end up hurting you more. Beckham and Ronaldo leaving are prime examples. It's heart-aching enough to see them go and now we need to face the possibility of another hero bailing out.

Gua admit yang gua agak tersentak bila dengar Wayne Rooney nak keluar. Sentap jugak bila someone yang supposed to be the savior for the team demands a transfer. Well aku boleh imagine the reaction kalau Michael Carrick yang demand transfer. Wouldn't be miffed at all. But of course the same principles does not apply with Wayne Rooney. Why? Because of his importance towards the club. Kita semua fan United mesti gembira bila Wayne cium badge United depan crowd Everton. Lagi gembira bila dia score untuk kita almost every week bila dia on form. That's why it's sad when someone with that amount of influence towards the lives of the fans betray our love and trust towards him.

Sekarang gua dah tak berani nak percaya kat any players pun. Biarlah diorang contribute selagi ada masa mereka kat club tu. Takkan gua harap mereka kekal bermain untuk pasukan yang sama sampai bila bila.

Gua of course macam ramai fan United yang lain tak nak tengok Rooney keluar. He's too important for us now. Cant be expecting Nani to play a commanding role on the attacking front He's too I-want-to-be-Ronaldo-but-I-have-half-the-talent-ish.
So imagine kalau kita jumpa City and Rooney plays for them. What am I supposed to do as a fan?
You do the math.

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