Tuesday, December 14, 2010

malaysia, the definition #1

Urban Dictionary kata,


"Malaysia is a country where Mawi's fan will love.
Racism againts non Malays are made legal.
Even Einstein cant survive here if he's a non Malay.
And dare to say everyone is equal regardless of skin color n religion? Tell that to ur kinds, we are way smarter to believe that!
Go to places like Singapore.
The smart goes up... the DUMB RETARDS stay home and watch Siti Nurhaliza wedding or Akedemi Fantasia or just be a Mat Rempit.
Malaysia boleh.... not."

Jangan piss off sangat. Kita orang Melayu macamana tak puas hati pun, kena admit the things THEY say about us are true. Well maybe some of it. So chillax, look at the bright side of life and fuckin LOL shall we? BHAHAHA

"Kita malas malas time dunia takpe, bani Melayu comfirm masuk syurga" (Y)

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